Tunnel Form

Tunnel Form

Sky Werk Development specializes in tunnel form construction. Tunnel form construction is our preferred method of building concrete shells for any large scale construction project ranging from multifamily developments to hotels and high rises.

There are three key reasons why we have adopted this method:

1. Quality

Tunnel form construction delivers a quality of structural concrete that is unmatched with other construction methods for equal applications. The jump in quality comes in the uniform and fully integrated one pour per lift structural system eliminating as many cold joints as possible when pouring wall, column and slab.

2. Efficiency

Tunnel form construction allows schedules to drastically be reduced. The process of using tunnels allows for one concrete pour to encompass walls, columns and upper slab simultaneously. The pour the aforementioned happen completely and every 24 hours. Whereas in more traditional methods of construction, you will have separate pours, thus lost days, for the individual pours of column, wall, beam, then slab.

3. Economy

Tunnel form construction does not necessarily reduce hard construction costs (material, labor, etc…) However, the savings comes in the reaction to time. As a result of the speed in which tunnel form construction takes place our clients can complete their projects much faster than anticipated therefore lowering operating costs. The early completion tends to save on interest and allows the projects use, sale or intent to be realized much sooner.

Sky Werk Development is looking forward to working with you on any project. Even if your design drawings and engineering are completed and set for a traditional method of construction. Our team of engineers and consultants will quickly convert your project to work with tunnel form construction regardless of the complexity. Tunnel form is always possible and will always benefit your product budget and schedule. We are here to prove it and deliver. Please do not hesitate to call or email us to discuss the potential of utilizing this new and efficient construction method. Consultations for your project or development are a phone call away.